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Mother and daughter duo, Yvonne and Jasmine Eskenzi, will showcase The Zensory app at this year’s
International Cyber Expo at Olympia London, 27 th -28 th September. Having struggled themselves to concentrate
at home during lockdown with so many distractions, the time seemed right for the pair to build The Zensory –
a multi-sensory immersive app designed to help people feel creative and achieve deep focus, concentration,
and calm in the working day.
The Zensory is the culmination of research taken from over 200 scientific papers, the mentorship of five
neuroscientists, multiple musicians, studies by two UCL post-graduate students, and 18 months of hard work.
The aim? To build an app that helps people “sensehack” their bodies to make them more efficient and take
hours off a working day.
Cybersecurity is a high stress environment. The industry attracts dedicated, highly skilled perfectionists who
are all too willing to shoulder the burden of a company’s cybersecurity without complaint. Yet, the increased
threat of ransomware and cyberattacks are creating an anxiety-filled workplace. The current technological
skills gap means there is frequently too much work managed by too few people. Stress, working overtime,
missing holidays and birthdays, are all too often considered ‘part of the job.’ In fact, 9 in 10 CISOs said they
were under high or moderate levels of stress; COVID only amplified this. Eighty percent of information security
personnel say they are dealing with more stress in the wake of the pandemic; however, the impacts are rarely
talked about. Forty percent of CISO respondents said that stress levels impacted their relationship with their
partners or children. Worse still, many professionals are turning to self-medication as a result, with this
number growing in recent years.
As stress mounts for CISOs, their ability to focus on their job, remaining calm and aware of potential threats,
decreases. As professionals lean on unhealthy habits, they lose their ability to fall into the flow state where
their best work is done; instead, they allow a vicious cycle of stress and harmful coping mechanisms to
With 27 years of experience working within the cybersecurity industry, Yvonne Eskenzi is intimately familiar
with this cycle. Combining this experience with her daughter Jasmine’s background in healthcare, however,
they founded The Zensory app to redirect the tendencies of professionals within high-stress jobs. The Zensory
works by using multi-sensory stimuli, such as soundscapes, touchpads, scents, breathing, tapping and taste
suggestions, to help people tap into their own innate powers to zone in and zone out during the working day.
For many, this is providing a much-needed ‘pocket retreat’ for people looking for peace, calm and a focus
companion to boost their productivity during the working day.
In fact, the app has racked up 1,000 beta users so far, with 93% highly recommending the app to a friend or
colleague. It has already worked wonders for C-level executives and surgeons in the NHS. Ben Smith, the serial
entrepreneur, said that The Zensory helped him do two weeks’ worth of work in two hours. Others on the App
Store are saying that The Zensory is unique amongst other apps in being intuitive to use and giving them the
results they are looking for.
The Zensory app is now available via the Apple Store and Android Play, initially for free. It helps users turn
down the noise, tune into their senses and tap into their ideal mood states, whether it is focus and
productivity, positivity, creativity or recalibration and calm.
Yvonne Eskenzi, co-founder of The Zensory said: “Showcasing The Zensory at International Cyber Expo is a
dream come true as it’s a culmination of so much hard work over the last 18 months. Now that we are back
after lockdown working in open-plan offices, running from pillar to post with so many distractions, the timing
to launch a focus and productivity app could not be better. It is our sincere wish to help as many people as
possible to work calmly, happily, and efficiently. Most importantly, we want to help people feel upbeat and
satisfied after getting through their work tasks – hopefully faster and in a calmer state of mind.”
The best thing is, despite its stellar reviews and constant additions, The Zensory is still free! So, if you are
curious about the unparalleled power of tapping into your senses, give it a go here.