Are you feeling calmer? We bet you are…

that’s because the power of pausing for breath is phenomenal in bringing us back to the present moment and clearing our minds for relaxation.


Ahhhhh… now take a big exhale. You’ve made it to our relaxation page. At The Zensory, we are big believers in the importance of relaxation. Why? Because a peaceful mind is a happy mind. There is a correlation between being in a relaxed mood state and high-level performance. Not only that but you will find that a relaxed mind will help you be far more productive.


At The Zensory we recognise a growing problem. The problem of more and more of us living life on a treadmill, never taking a second to breathe and relax. At The Zensory, we strive to create solutions to your problems. So… we have been working with leading neuroscientists, technologists and composers to really break down how you can tap into our senses to achieve your desired mood states.

Scents for Relaxation

When it comes to relaxation, our sense of smell is one of the most powerful senses we can tap into. Studies show that the strength of different smells significantly change our resting-state and the connectivity between several brain regions which result in influencing our mood states and improving our memory (Carlson et al., 2020). Here are some of our favourite scents for relaxation...



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Well-documented for its calming effects, even easing insomnia and depression.



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Research has found that this festive aroma helps to reduce stress.



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Helpful for winding down after a long day, lemongrass eases anxiety and reduces stress. Using it allows the brain to relax and prepare for the next day.

Sound Hacks for Relaxation

Studies show that nature-based sound therapy has a significant effect on reducing anxiety levels and blood pressure (Rejeh et al., 2015). The result is an overriding sensation of relaxation.

We have created a library of soundscapes

including a medley of naturescapes from around the world (tropical rainforests, beaches, forests, waterfalls, rain - the list is endless). Designed to transport you into a deep flow state, these nature sounds have been mixed with binaural beats. Binaural beats are scientifically proven to promote a shift to your ideal state, whether that be relaxation, creativity or focus. Grab a set of headphones and check out our soundscape on our app.

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Pressure Points for Relaxation

No one knows your body better than you do, right? The power of touch is unmatched but the practice of acupressure is understated. So let us tell you how you can use your sense of touch to influence a state of relaxation. Here’s a great example…

Sit comfortably. It can help to close your eyes. Touch the spot between your eyebrows with your index finger or thumb. Take slow, deep breaths and apply gentle, firm pressure in a circular motion for 5 to 10 minutes.

Download the app to get more pressure points.

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Colours for Relaxation

Breathing for Relaxation

The outbreak of Covid-19 has seen a rise in tension with many left feeling stressed, tense and out of kilter. A key to tapping into a state of relaxation is through breathwork. Don’t worry, it’s not as woo woo as it sounds!

Conscious breathing allows you to shift and release negative energy by manipulating the nervous systems fight or flight reflex.

Doing so allows for deep relaxation and a release in muscle tension enabling you to recharge, refocus and smash your targets for the day! Below is a breathing technique for relaxation…

How? Inhale through your nose, then as you exhale, make a humming or buzzing sound (like a bumblebee) through closed lips. The humming will last as long as your exhale lasts; when you need to inhale again, inhale silently through your nose, then continue humming again as you exhale.

Book Recommendations for Relaxation