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Here’s what people say when they talk about their experience with The Zensory.


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“The full-time Mummy life is very stressful – I think this app is very handy, it helps a lot when I need to take a big deep breath! I am super busy and live a stressful life, this app really helped me switch off.”

Barabara D

“I love the Zensory and I can’t wait to keep using it! It helped me stay focused at work, it’s easy to use, and within 20 seconds I felt better.”

Lottie H

“I am autistic and I loved the smokey colours and lights, I want to recommend the app to all my friends.”

Angie C

“I used the app to help with my chronic pain, and it was perfect for helping me take a few minutes to rest”.

Joanna R

“This is the best app I’ve tried up to now – I used it with my son and we loved the touchscreen and soundscapes.”

Troy H

“I used the app to help me focus when studying, when needing a boost, or to help before falling asleep. The app is amazing, extremely helpful and I can see it helping a lot of other people too.”

Beth C