Go on, have a cheeky play, we dare you...

Research in neuroscience, psychology and design has shown that playfully doodling can help people stay focused, grasp new concepts and retain information and improve creativity (University of British Columbia, 2012).

The Zensory’s vision is to help you engage and reconnect with the very senses you were born with, so you can tap into your desired mood states. The best creative ideas are often spawned from brainstorming and bouncing ideas off other bright minds. For many of us we need to be creative as part of our job. But with people scattered everywhere and no-longer in one place because of Covid we’re all having to find alternative ways to be creative and think out of the box.

How ?

The Zensory has jumped to the rescue with a combination of sensory stimuli and prompts to help you feel more creative and get you into the mood. By trying a few different senses you’ll be able to find the one that works for you. Be sure to try these sensory prompts at different times of the day as you may work better in the morning or the evening.

Scents for that eureka moment!



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Imagine walking through the forest in the mountains. You brush past a Eucalyptus tree that exudes that fresh minty camphorous scent that when inhaled is known medically to open your sinuses and clear your head – this smell is an aid to boosting creativity, understanding, mental clarity and even enthusiasm.



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Lemon and other citrus smells such as grapefruit are always handy to have on hand to give you that zest and energy to boost your mind and think out of the box. A great aid for many writers, designers and coders it can certainly help with concentration, creativity, and even helps create joy and playfulness.



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Bergamot is a smell that is a mix of citrus with a hint of spice known to inspire and uplift people – it’s often used in Chinese medicine to treat all sorts of ailments. It has shown to alter people’s moods by reducing cortisol levels (our stress hormone). A reminder of sunshine and being outdoors, it's no wonder Bergamot is associated with feeling refreshed, energised and open to new ideas.

Colour for Creative moments

Colour can majorly affect how you feel. It goes without saying that when you see someone wearing bright clothes or you walk into a colourful room filled with lots of colour you instinctively feel they’re creative. Colour plays a huge part in making you feel upbeat, tired, miserable or energised.

The Zensory uses colour to get your brain into the right mindset. You can do this at your desk too with mood lights, clever bulbs, or screensavers. if you want to feel uber creative, here are a few colours to surround yourself by:

Book Recommendations for Creativity